***ONLY for Ambitious Working Single Moms Ready To Fully Move On***

Turn Your Single Mom Life Into Your Superpower!

Heal from Heartache, Create a Blueprint For Your Future, Stop Your Ex from Affecting Your Emotions Negatively, Raise Amazing Kids, and Get Ready to Find Love Again!

Your divorce has left you feeling depleted, and unsure of your next chapter.
My 12-Step Method will help you become the hero of your own story, move on from the past, find peace, set goals & achieve them, and learn how to stop repeating the cycle of toxic relationships. You deserve it all.

Watch this 6-minute video to see how you can transform your life in just 12 weeks!

I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Crave a reliable blueprint for achieving balance, love, and success ✅ Am past the initial stages of single parenthood and actively seeking growth ✅ I’m curious to see how this fail-safe strategy can revolutionize my life...

On this call we'll review your life goals, identify how this method aligns with your aspirations, offer insights on its application, and should we find a perfect match, we'll detail how we can assist in seamlessly integrating it into your life - all with a GUARANTEED promise of change.

We understand the unique challenges you face as a high-achieving single mom:

The relentless juggle: Balancing a demanding career with motherhood is a constant battle.

Financial uncertainty: Unfair settlements, unreliable child support, and the financial toll of divorce can leave you feeling exhausted.

Emotional wounds: The pain of betrayal, the fear of being alone, and the pressure to "do it all" can take a toll on your confidence and well-being. Pushing you into another unhealthy relationship too soon, or making you fearful to ever date again.

But I also know your immense strength and potential.

This isn't just about overcoming your divorce. It's about creating a life that exceeds your wildest expectations. This is your comeback story!

Courtney going through a divorce while pregnant went from crying in her car every day on her way home from work to finding joy, increasing her income, and amassing 10k for her maternity leave

More Results From Clients Using The System...

On this call we will review your single mom situation, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

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National Speaker

Sought Out Speaker on Women's issues and EmCee of first ever "The Life of a Single Mom Ministries" Conference.

About Amanda Carroll

Amanda Carroll, a renowned single motherhood expert, empowers single moms towards financial freedom through her Metamorphosis Method Coaching and Brave Single Mom VIP membership. With over 25 years in faith-based radio communication and a personal history of 13 years as a single mom, Amanda combines her rich experience with her professional expertise to guide and support single mothers. Her programs, backed by a strong guarantee, reflect her dedication to transforming the lives of single moms into success stories.

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